Disa Leader wins the Duchesse Cup in style

Disa Leader, won the Leal Group Duchess of York Cup on Saturday, landing the first classic of the season for the stable, in style. He completed the 1400m with an easy win, by more than 2 lengths and in a very good time of 1.23.50s, the record for that distance in Mauritius being 1.22.99s.

Space Captain looked agile when he led by at least 3-4 lengths just after the 600m. However, Shane, with all his experience, did not panic on board of Disa Leader, to let his mount settle and started his attack rounding the straight – and Disa Leader just flew and won easily.

This classic win brings a lot of joy at the stable, with Gilbert having won already 5 of it previously, with the last one being 10 years ago.

The owners were very proud of their latest acquisition, thanks to the recommendation of , Vincent Doger de Speville, who lives and works in South Africa, son of co-owner, Mr Alain Doger de Speville.


Owners of Disa Leader with the Cup

Lead-in by owners on Saturday the 15th of May 2010

Trained by Gilbert, and assisted by Soodesh, or we should say, taken care of properly by Soodesh, the gelding performed well above expectations under Shane's control, who rode marvellously to prove once more that he remains one of the best jockeys in the world.

Punters were worried about his fitness, and had reasons to do so, with Space Captain, winning on debut and already having a race under its belt. But that this not deprive Disa Leader to win the race as a Champion.

Disa Leader will now go on the 4 year old championship and its connections are confident the horse will produce the results required and try to clinch the Mauritius Derby which is coming up shortly.

Well done and Congratulations to Shane, Gilbert, Soodesh, Ravi (his groom), the owners and all its connections.


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