Neighbour's Watch

Back from sky nine after what has been a wonderful day of racing for us!
I feel like coming back from a long holiday, although only two days have lapsed since saturday;

Ladies first: the duchess delivered a nice winner, but the second and third should not be disregarded: space captain had the merit of setting a very fast pace to the race, and did not give up without a good fight.
But the performance which stroke me was the one of gliding high: this gelding clearly looked overweight in the ring, due to the publicised setbacks he had during his training, but however managed to produce an eye catching turn on foot in the last 150m, watch him other ground and with a run under this belt, this is a serious customer;

Otherwise I felt the other races of the day were pretty straight forward and the results probably showed good indication of the horses relative worth, except may be for wild dan, who seems to be an all time unlucky horse!
Sea of Galillee also did not have a clear run in the straight, where he failed to find a gap on a few occasions, otherwise he would have finished closer, watch him next time out without candy bar in the field.
Horses that ran in the second race probably showed they will need to go down a bit in rating before winning again, as the way sergeant major won is not very encouraging for them;

Golden Dice again showed what a classy horse he is: we all know trainer alain perdrau is very good at handling top horses, and he took all his time with this one, and you can be sure that he was not 100% this time, this promises serious racing ahead amongst the top horses!

Allet stable has been unlucky up to now, but some of their horses are starting to show up, the first winner can't be far!

That's it folks, be patient, saturday is not that far, and have a good week meanwhile!

neighbur watch

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