Preetam Daby

Preetam Daby was born on the 13th January 1974. He has always lived in Grand Gaube.

As a child, one of his uncles encouraged him towards the profession of jockey. As he grew up and found that he was of the right height and weight, he then started to consider this career and at the age of 16, he left secondary school and applied at the Mauritius Turf Club for an apprentice jockey license. He then started to ride freelance for various stables. As from the year 1992 and for a few years, he went to the South African Jockeys Academy (Durban, South Africa) almost every year for a period of a few months each time in order to learn and to improve his riding skills.

His first win was in 1992 itself on Jet Spray and this win remains one of the most memorable for him. In 2001, he was crowned Champion Mauritian Jockey.

His greatest achievement was winning the Duchess of York Cup in 2009 on Cormorant Pass.

Amongst the greatest horses he feels he has ridden are Cormorant Pass, Cavendish, Don Corleon and Gold Emblem.

Preetam currently works a lot with the Gilbert Rousset Stable and assists the trainers at trackwork on a daily basis.

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