Rousset Stable Members at the J&B Met

Few members of the Rousset Stable were at the prestigious J&B Met in January 2010. The atmosphere was electrifying. The following members spent a nice day at the Met: Gilbert Rousset, Soodesh Seesurrun, Gregory Hart De Keating, Jean-Michel Caboche Adam, Allain Doger de Speville, Isabelle Doger de Speville, Karine Doger de Speville, Melissa Virahsawmy and Dharmesh Naik.

With the splendid weather, delicious South African wine, it was a memorable day at the races Some photos to give you a taste of the journey:


Sipping a nice glass of wine with ComputaForm on the table – racing in the blood

Gilbert with his favourite waitress – Could not miss the photo session with this lovely lady with a great smile.  
Allain explaining “god knows what” and Soodesh smiling all along.
Gilbert still worried about his hair cut.   Members with Rai Joorawon at trackwork at Durbanville in the early hours of the morning.
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Article by Dharmesh Naik  
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