Visit to a Stud Farm

February 4th, 2010

A Stud Farm, an exiciting and incredible experience, is probably a must to visit, if you love horse racing. It was on a Thursday morning, that we (Allain, Isabelle, Karine, Melissa and I) decided to visit Arc-En-Ciel Stud Farm, an hour's drive from Milnerton, Cape Town.

Isabelle, Allain and Karine Doger de Speville along with Dharmesh Naik at the Arc-En Ciel Stud Farm.
Horses in the paddock – Arc-En-Ciel Stud Farm
Babies running in the paddock.
A mare, looking after her sleeping baby, as we
tried to approach the foal.
The love of two babies.
Out across all the vineyards, the journey was long
in waiting, but once we arrived there, it was another
story. The wait was worth it. We first visited the babies,
and a 2 year old baby, Count Ontara by Tara’s Hall –
before proceeding to the paddocks to admire this great
stallion standing in a royal position: Stage Call.

Melissa with Count Ontara at the Arc-En-Ciel Stud Farm

Across on the right were all the yearlings, running in
herds as we approached them. Sensing the human
presence, they could not stop showing off their beauty
and agility. The trip around this huge facility took us less
than 2 hours and there were probably around 250-300
horses spread across the farm.
A recommended visit if you are a horse lover.

Article by Dharmesh Naik
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